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5 Reasons to shop at Discount Mattress

1. We make money on selling at a high volume rather than a high margin.

Ever wonder how or why Mattress Firm and Sleepys are able to afford the properties the use to operate their stores? Because they make their profits based on a very large margin which leaves consumers with a huge dent in their wallets after leaving the store. In easy to understand terms, they are basically purchasing the product from the manufacturer at a fraction (1/4, 1/5) of the price they are selling it to you at.

2. Our salesman make a commision based on overall sales for the month.

Now that you understand the benefit of high volume purchasing to high margin. Lets talk about how the salesman are rewarded for selling the product. Rather than rewarding our salesman for making the top dollar on a product, we give them incentive to sell to everyone buy using true cost commision. This way they feel more inclined to sell to everyone regardless of the amount of money made off a deal. This improves your service and experience in our store because you dont have to deal with a sour salesman who isnt interested in selling you anything but the most expensive bed in the store.


We carry trusted LOW PRICE brand name beds (american bedding, King Koil, Therapedic, Englander) that are made with the same materials and designs used by High Priced Mattress Manufacturers (sealy, serta, simmons, tempurpedic) who sell to Price GOUGING Nationwide Vendors (Mattress Firm, Sleepys). Believe it or not theses manufacturers all copy eachothers ideas and theres nothing that this price gouging manufacturers are doing that the cheaper less known ones aren't The only difference between their beds and ours may be the brand label you paid 1000's of dollars for.

What this all means is, you get a bed from a established Manufacturer that has your desired feel, meets your specific needs and carries a Manufacturer garunteed warranty, AT A PRICE THATS UNBEATABLE.


Our location in Naperville is centrally located in a hot bed of furniture retailers. Some who have multiple stores within a block. We maximize our space and money by cutting our overhead costs (i.e. multiple stores). That money goes directly in the pockets of our customers.

5. More Options

We have 4 bedding manufacturers in our stores and over 30 unique models to choose from. A couple of which we are the only mattress retailer in Illinois which sell their beds (King Koil). We have both higher and more basic qualites of beds as well as many different concepts and designs.

We also have a clearance section of beds that offers Brand New beds at a quarter of their retail. These mattresses are purchased at a discounted price by us and that same discount is relayed to our customers, somethimes at a 1/4 of their suggested retail value.

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