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The extra firm feel with a two-sided design is perfect if you like the idea of being able to periodically flip and rotate your mattress. Once the industry standard, two-sided designs are becoming increasingly difficult to find, but have a great advantage when it comes to enjoying a consistent comfort over time. A Black Cotton Blend fabric is used in the quilt to help regulate body temperature and keep the sleeping surface cooler. Comfort layers include three layers of high-quality polyfoams that have an extra firm feel to create this dense comfort level. Back support is provided through an Offset Innerspring System that feels solid, with each coil linked to its neighbor to promote strength and durability. Overall, if you want a mattress that feels solid from both a construction and comfort standpoint, the Valor I Double sided firm may be the way to go.



  • 800+ innerspring coil (BIG GUY SUPPORT)
  • 2/10 on the hardness scale (FIRM)
  • Stylish black quilt
  • TWO SIDED (flep twince a year for added longevity)
  • 10 year non prorated warranty

DOUBLE SIDED - The 2 sided ' Enliven" FIRM

$900.00 Regular Price
$450.00Sale Price
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