-13 inches thick

- TENCEL QUILT - a beautiful patterned quilt made of a breathable cotton material. Flame Retardant.

- 650 INNERSPRING COILS - supply support to every pressure point.

- PILLOW TOP - A plush 3 inches thick Pillowtop.

- DENSE GAUGED COILS - for ultimate support, durability, and longevity

- STAY COOL GEL - a gel infused layer of Memory foam keeps you cool all night, refreshed in the morning and awake all day.

- FOAM ENCASED SIDE SUPPORT - Sleep or sit on the bed. The foam encasement keeps the bed from sinking on the sides.

This mattress is great for any sized sleeper, so if you're a big guy or gal, this is the mattress for you! The support is guaranteed to hold up for at least 10 YEARS by a Manufacturer WARRANTY!

This model is great for those who desire a soft and supportive mattress. It can accommodate any type of sleeper and is a great compromise for 2 different style sleepers sharing the bed.

SOFT HEAVENLY CLOUD! Brand New "Kinley" 13" Pillow Top MATTRESS!

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$299.50Sale Price