This mattress is for those who love the comfort of a pillow top but also want the feel and support of a firm bed. It has added features like high count single pocketed coils with higher gauged (thicker) coils used in the areas of the mattress your body needs more support. An indestructible foam encased side support allows you to sit on the side of the bed without compromising its durability or structure. The pillow top consists of memory foam, latex and gel top layers. 14" inch support structure makes it a great option for any size customer. One of the finest mattresses we sell, handcrafted quality. It has a unique feel that makes it the ultimate mattress for anyone who needs extra support and comfort. 

Our bottom dollar prices allow for our customers to have a sleep enhanced top notch product at a price affordable for nearly any budget

This is the type of mattress you keep for 15 years and buy again.

10 year manufacturer warranty.

Hummingbird - Hydrangea Pillow Top

$1,299.00 Regular Price
$649.50Sale Price